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Re: OT Old Craftman Compressor

What GP'n said. Kinda. Within limits you can put a larger motor on a compressor, change the pulleys, spin the compressor faster and get more output. Just like you can rev an engine higher and get more power out of it. Within limits. And it will certainly not be a linear relationship. Increase the compressor speed by 20% and you might only get a 10% increase in output. Putting a larger motor on it without changing the drive ratio will gain you exactly nothing.

Since you're dealing with Sears stuff you can probably assume that EVERY component in the system is stressed close to it's limit as delivered. Spin the compressor faster and it will probably not last very long. Besides more stress on the moving parts, a compressor system has to get rid of the heat generated by the compression. Compress more air, generate more heat, compressor runs hotter, compressor dies.
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