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Re: OT Old Craftman Compressor

Jim Lou that is very good info. If 3/4 hp = 1.8 then 1 hp = 2.4 ....right?

So if I can find a 5 hp motor for relatively cheap I would have a decent air compressor. I'll have to look into the cost of a newer motor, that may turn the deal sour. Then again I'm a gambling man, if I can get that compressor for $5.00 I'm in.

[/ QUOTE ]

Hate to bring you back here ,,,BUT,,, If that has a 3/4 horse motor on it. Then it may just be a 1 horse or possibly 1 1/2 horse compressor. even if you put a 10 horse motor on it you would still just get the CFM rating for the 1 or 1 1/2 horse compressor. The compressors are rated for a max CFM. the manufacturer can place any HP motor on them to get the pricing or energy consumption they want. Some times you can find a 2HP motor and it will have a 5HP compressor on it,, now that is the way to go, then you can up grade the motor to the 5 HP and get the max CFM from the unit.
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