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Re: Do You cut or round corrners

i rolled my junk hard last week.
hard enough that the hood cracke dthe radiator core and bent the brackets.
th eright way to fix it woul dbe get a new hood and mew brackets. but i just rebent the brackets, and welded in a gusset. why? becuase it was cheape rand quicker.

shure it should have anew hood, but the sledge hammer form the inside out works just fine for the clearence i needed on my radiator.
why not a new one? well its gonna happen again in the future and the hood was aleady trashed a ferw times prior(one tree smashed it down so hard the battery arced through the hood)

the latch no longer worked and the hood would not close.
so what did i do, i torched out the one par tthe latch closes on when it shuts all the way, and only left the safety latch that it catches when you pull the cable. its not goign anywhere espically consering you no whave to pull it sideways and hammer it down to make it close.
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