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MC Pushrod

Long explanation to a quick answer...

I just picked up a brake booster w/ MC and proportioning valve from a guy here in CO. Trying to cut corners, I ended up at a dead end...I think. The brake line ports on the MC that came w/ the brake booster were on the engine side of the MC. My existing MC has the ports on the fender side. In order to save time bleeding the brake lines after the new booster/MC installation and switching over the brake lines, I thought I'd just attach my existing MC to the booster. Wrong. The existing MC pushrod extends through the firewall and attached to the break mechanism. The MC that came w/ the pushrod doesn't have a pushrod, just a pushrod from the booster.

Question 1A...Is there anyway to remove the pushrod from my existing MC?
Question 1B...Can I remove it w/o getting air into the MC?
Question 2....Can I keep the proportioning valve that's already on my jeep, or do I have to use the one that came with the booster/MC setup?

Like I said, was in a hurry and just trying to cut some corners here.

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