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Sorta OT: Cross-Country Trip HELP!!!!!!!!!

Currently sitting in northern WY mountains - Big Horn Mountain Resort (between Cody & Sheridan, just W of Buffalo, WY) - w/ 'issues': engine keeps cutting out. Dealing w/ an AMC 401 in a '77 J-10.

Suspecting fuel issue... pump or filter.

Already 'stole' a fuel pump off old 360 and tried that... worked good for 20-30 miles then started acting up again. Pulled in here - where there were fuel pumps - and filled up (just in case it was faulty gas gauge) and backflushed the filter- quite a bit of small black grainy 'silt' came out, but I do not think it was enough to clog it. (Filter looks to be a pretty new NAPA gold.) Also checked fuel pump out put by sticking line into water bottle & cranking engine w/ coil disconnected. Got a 'reasonable' amt out, but did not time it or measure it exactly.

Since the above, I have not tried to drive down the road (kids eating now) but it seems to run okay. Won't really know til we try going down the road.

If we make it outa here, then it will have been filter which I will replace at first opportunity. If not, I will be back here shortly to see what other suggestions any of you may have.

As always, many thanks aforehand!

BTW, other than this and being a bit behind schedule, we're having a pretty good trip.
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