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Re: HEI for cj5 -304

Did the guy also tell you you will need to buy a new AMC V-8 drive gear, cap, rotor and plug wires to round out your 'Cheap' upgrade?

If you do the upgrade correctly, you will have to rebuild the distributor, replace a $25 to $35 vacuum advance with limiter, a $25 pickup 'trigger', A $15 wiring harness, A $40 High Preformance module, and a decent coil, not to mention the V-8 gear, the premium cap and rotor, and the plug wires...

It adds up pretty quick...

Here are some options....

With a good file or dremel tool, and some time, you can upgrade your delco distributor for about $15.
I do it with Chrysler pickup coil and reluctor in the delco points distributor to upgrade it to electronic trigger.
You will need an ignition module of some kind to fire the coil.
All of the factory ignition modules can be had for cheap, and the Chrysler trigger is strong enough to trigger them all very reliably.
Ask for a reluctor and pick up coil for a '76 Chrysler New Yorker with 400 V-8 engine.
This is cheap, but requires a good working knowledge of ignitions and distributors, and a lot of time.
If you decide to do this, let me know, and I can provide a wiring diagram.

For about $50 you can get a Remanufactured distributor (In case any one is interested, Advanced Auto is selling brand new, complete Motorcraft distributors as reman). Pay the core charge, and take your core back two or three days later, and no one will know you switched points for electronic.

This route will allow you to go to the 'Team Rush' Upgrade with the high output TFI coil, wide cap, and good plug wires.
If you decide to do this, let me know directly, and I'll provide you with a wiring diagram.
Ask for a distributor for a 78 CJ-7 With a 304 CID V-8.
(this is probably your best bet. You can get parts off the shelf to upgrade it, and it will fire any factory module and most of the aftermarket modules. Ford and Jeep parts will both work with it...

If you go with the PerTronics upgrade, it is strong enough to fire their coil, and although it's a canister coil, it does a pretty good job. (MUCH BETTER THAN YOUR POINTS!!)
If you use their conversion, it's a 30 minute bolt in job, and will fire their coils, or will fire any of the factory electronic ignition modules, and most of the aftermarket modules.
They will provide specific wiring diagrams.

You can also contact me about how to set up a HEI correctly for your application if you really want to go that route.

The best bang for your bucks would be to get the PerTronics or Chrysler upgrades for a trigger, and use it to fire an MSD 6 series module.
The MSD module will take you from Inductive ignition, to Capacitive Discharge, and it will also give you Multiple Spark Discharge.
MSD modules can also be triggered with points. Your points will last virtually forever using the MSD module, because the voltage it sends through the points is very low...

No matter what upgrade you decide on;
If you decide to keep the delco distributor you have now...
(working with what you have)
MSD also sells a 'Cap-A-Dapt' that adapts your small delco distributor to a large Ford type cap and a really good rotor.
It's no more than a really good distributor cap and rotor, and solves a bunch of problems with the small caps.

MSD's web site.
Even if you don't order any MSD hardware, get a free catalog from the website.

Summit has most MSD stuff in stock, and very reasonable prices. Order a free catalog there too.

Jegs keeps a lot of MSD and other ignition suppliers stuff in stock, and has free catalogs.

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