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Re: OT: Wiring Questions

Mike...first, you have to find out if the motor can be wired up for 110VAC. Some motors are dual voltage and can be wired for either 220 or 110.
The current draw will be double at 110 VAC vs 220 VAC.
Rule of thumb...14g wire for 20 amps 8g for 40 amps.

You need to look at the motor draw (assuming it will run on 110VAC). What ever the current at 220VAC is, double it for 110VAC.

In most houses, the garage is wired for 15Amp 110VAC....unless someone rewired it.

If the motor is going to pull 20A at 110VAC, and the CB feeding the garage is 15A, don't try replacing the CB wtih a 20A...good way to start a fire.

Unless you have a real old house, you may have 220 available. The typical house that hase more than 100amp severice actually has 220VAC going to it. You have 2 110VAC lines with a common return (that's the white wire). Pick either 110 line and connect it to common and you have 110VAC. Take 2 110VAC lines, and you have 220VAC. If you look at your breaker panel, you will see two rows of CB's (usually). If you look at one side, the first CB is one 110 line. The one below it is the other 110VAC line. If you take the output from both of those CB's, you now have 220VAC.

Clear as mud...right?
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