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Re: At my wits end with 2bbl motorcraft NEED HELP!

Well i fixed it turns out that when i bought my carb kit they gave me the wrong needle valve? It fits in the seat a bit loose and the float was pulling/pushing it at an angle... Swapped in the old needle/seat works fine.. Figured it out by having somone start it with the top of the carb off then i was able to push down on the needle to keep it from flooding and see what it was doing. Thats an $10 O'rielly rebuild kit for you i guess.... Runs awesome now wish i had the specs on this engine it runs circles around every 302 i've ever owned and i've had a couple EFI 302's it will smoke em' and its bone stock other than having the smog crap removed and an EGR blockoff no cats.. Pulls off 17.5 mpg if you keep your foot out of it (that was before rebuilding the carb so i imagine better now..) Its a street truck so one day might go to a 4v intake/carb know somone that has a holley street dominator intake sitting around but for now its an extra truck/hauler.. Would like to find a diffrent tranny its got a 3 speed manual I didn't even know you could still get one in 84' its a floor shift now because the coluum shifter was shot. Its got a hyrdraulic clutch also... wierd.. thought about finding an SROD or m50d and swapping it out since it has 3.55 limited slip rear-end its got awesome take off... Needs new exaust has crappy home built dual exaust system that ends under the cab.. Talked to my exaust guy about running 2" duals off the manifolds with no mufflers and 5" crome tips for $175.... That would be sweet......
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