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At my wits end with 2bbl motorcraft NEED HELP!!!

Ok on my 84 f150 302/2bbl i bought a few weeks ago it was extremely easy to flood and surged real bad at idle so i bought a new fuel filter and a carb kit. went through it put it back on and started it and gas starts shooting out the vents on top of the carb! well i think i need a new float so i go ahead and replace it and set it to spec guess what gas shoots out the top of the carb again! tried lowering the float some.... Same thing! what the hell? Is my fuel pump putting out to much pressure maybe screwed up?? I know even before i took it apart it could sit for a couple weeks and you could start it without ever giving it any gas infact if you did give it any it would flood. DO i just need a new carb? or what??? any idea's?
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