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Re: 98 TJ Tranny Problems

well reverse makes a really loud popping noise. one that can be heard from across the wal-mart parkin lot. also when in reverse it seems like a tooth is gone or messed up. it kinda just snaches into gear for each pop. the cluch stuff makes alot of noise at low rpm and alot more noise when the clutch is pushed in. like a really bad screechin sound. my buddy that use to help me with my jeep said the reverse was the slide gear and not to worry bout it till its goes. well its worse then it ever was so i just parked it cause i dont need it tore up any more then it is. so yawl say the ax-15 is not to bad to get into??? im purty good at workin on stuff, but i dont want to open it up and spings or something go flyin everywhere. yeah where is my BFH (Big F##**n Hammer)???
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