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Exhaust Opinions.

The time in my jeep build has come to put together the Exhaust system. I have been planning dual 2-1/2" exhaust right from the get go on my jeep, and I am now being faced with the realization that I do not have room for that.

The motor is a SBC 350, mildly built to deliver +/- 300 hp. My plan was to run 2.5" duels down each side, through a pair of Flowmaster 40 series mufflers, and exit out the back behind each tire.
Now that everything is together, there is no chace that I have room for that. I am going to have to run a single exhaust? I am thinking that I will run a Y connection from the headers, and run 3" exhaust back, into a Cat, then into a 3" Flowmaster 40 series (because I have a flowmaster guy) then out the back.
Does 3" sound right for about 300 hp. I seem to remember seeing a chart in a catalog.. (thought it was summit) that gave ball park exhaust size related to HP... But I can't for the life of me find it.
Any opinions on the subject would be great.... I am going to miss the beautiful sound of True duels out of a V8.

Thanks for any info.
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