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Getting things packed for the Bash THEN!!!

The Wife just called and said that when she started up her jeep a little bit ago the check engine light came on and there was no oil pressure. After a few moments the pressure went to around 20.

It's a New to us 97TJ with the 6 and 5speed. It only has 10,000 original miles on it. The last owner kept it up at his cabin and drove it around the land, and then to town twice a year for an oil change.

I changed the oil yesterday because the oil in it was 7 months old with around a 1000 miles on it. I put synthetic in it with a K&N oil filter.

Any Ideas, before I head the 45 miles to where she works to take a look at it and get something fixed before we leave this afternoon for the Bash??? Where is the oil Pressure Sensor on this one? And where is the Oil Pressure releaf valve?? The oil two things I can think of off hand.
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