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Re: O/T...working on jeep.

Well Damn...

I started reading this and then got up to get a drink.

Noticed that I needed to go to the bathroom. So I did.

Came back to read the rest but couldn't find my glasses and was out of cigarettes, I keep my cigarettes in the work truck and there are several pairs of extra reading glasses in there.

Went out to the work truck, got a full pack, forgot the glasses, came back and still couldn't read your post.

Spent the next several minutes finding the drink that I had just made, but still can't find one of the dozen pairs of reading glasses that I keep everywhere.

And yes now I have to go to the bathroom again, job completed (good thing I don't need to see to acomplish that).

Back to the computer. Where's that drink I just made? Where's the pair of reading glasses that I keep at the computer?

Oh heck with it... I'll just kick back and have a cigarette, but I can't find a lighter. I keep about six lighters around at all times, can't find one at the moment.

Get the Grill Lighter and spark one up.... ahhh.

Grab a pair of reading glasses from my breifcase, I'm ready now. But where's my drink? And I have to go to the bathroom again!


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