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Extended Wheel Base Body Pics

I'm in the middle of a frame off restore after my first frame from my first frame off restore rotted out from underneith me. This time I used a YJ frame instead of a CJ frame. I also upgraded to a TPI 350 attached to T-18 using AA bellhousing and AA motor mount cross member. When I was "refreshing" the old YJ frame I added about 8" onto the rear of it and moved my springs back the same 8". I put the body on last night and things don't seem to sit right. I knew I was going to have to do some cutting on the body because of the axle moving back but I also have the problem that the transmission hits the tranny tunnel. I figured that I would just cut that out a bit to clearance (2-3 inches into tunnel). I was wondering has any one else had a similar experience? I am also very interested in seeing some pics of jeeps with extended wheel bases. I'm debating how to cut my body out. The way I look at it I have two options. 1. Go to a larger radius and leave the back portion of the body there. 2. Cut from top of radius straight back till corner of jeep like a "competition cut."

Pics? Opinions?
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