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where are the experts?

I have been a long time reader of this forum and have gained allot of knowledge about my 1993 xlt Bronco. I have a problem now that I need some help on. I am Marine stationed in NC. I recently returned from Iraq and went home to PA to get my Bronco. On the way back down the highway it started to lose power and was running bad. I was cruising along about 70 mph and when I slowed down it had trouble speeding back up. I pulled off the road and it shut off on me. It did'nt want to start back up and when it did it would'nt rev up. I sat there for awhile and checked a few things like my distributor cap and fluids. It did'nt overheat and everything looked fine. After sitting there for about 30 minutes, I started it up and it ran fine and I finished my trip with no problems. I am considering gutting my cat because when I had the exhaust put on I wanted them to fix the broken air injection hose that comes into the pipe ahead of the cat. What they did was cap it off and then just tack the hose on top for looks so that it looks like it works. I have had a miss before that I could'nt figure out until I replaced the stock distributor cap with a brass type cap. This one I want to fix because I can't have a vehicle that I can't trust on the road for a trip, but I really like my Bronco. Please help me.
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