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Re: waggy breaks w/ early cj m.c.

Wow, spring is in the air and everyone has a new axle. [img]images/graemlins/thud.gif[/img]

Many things need to be considered to accomplish a safe braking system. How are you going to use the Jeep, off road only or drive on the streets (where others could be offended if you can't stop)?

Weight of the vehicle and tire size seem to be the most overlooked around here lately. Just my opinion, don't shoot me yet.

Peruse the following threads and see where you fit into the flow of all these different brake discussions.

<u>Mix and match brakes.</u>

<u>dana 30 disc brakes</u>

<u>68 cj power brakes</u>

<u>Soft brake pedal after YJ booster upgrade in CJ</u>

<u>Brake Problem Continued.</u>

<u>more brake problems</u>

<u>Bad Brakes.. Vacuum Booster?</u>

While I'm sure that not all of these apply to you, they maybe something worth looking at and give you some ideas.

Good Luck

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