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Re: T176 for GM swap

If you are putting a 350 in your CJ, why not use a GM trans? That would be the easiest, because it would bolt right up without any adaptors. You could also try and find a GM tranfer case, and you would have an adaptorless drive train.
You say that you will take ether a 4 speed, or a 5
speed... Well the first one that comes to mind is the End all of Transmissions, the NV4500. That would be a good choice if you have a lot of time, and money. That trans alone will probably run you almost $2000. You can find a lot of info on it on the novak web page. The NV4500 will also be a pretty easy set up to add a D300 to, I think all you need is a clocking ring.
A cheaper choice would be to get a SM465, It is a 4 speed, and first gear is LOW, first and reverse are 6.55:1 ratio, 4th gear is 1:1
The SM465 is pretty rugged, and will pretty much hold up to anything you can throw at it, and novak sells a kit to adapt it to a D300 it is +/- $500.
There is a lot of great info on V-8 Swaps on the novak web page, I would suggest that you go there, spend some time. You will get more transmission, and transfer case info that you can digest.

Good luck on the swap, I am just finishing up a 350 swap into my YJ... I used a SM465, attached to a D300
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