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OH YEAH!!! CJ is back on the road!!!!!!!

I got to drive the CJ tonight. Had a really hard time with the exhaust not wanting to seal up. Ended up being the exhaust shops fault of not getting the angle off of the manifold correct. So after two days, we finally figured out what the hell was going on and after a little heat and some bending, it fits like a glove. The worst part is you cant see enough to tell it was croked. I always thought i had a very small leak and told the shop that a few times, but it was always warm when i got there and it would go away once it warmed up. It does have a low end bog but nothing major. It may even be the gas, havent put gas in it since last spring.

Remember everyone, get those fire ext ready. You never will know when you need it.

Now that the jeep is back up and running, its time to bring the Dodge in and get that ready for the long tow out to the bash.

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