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Re: Another 258 GM TBI post -- chip burning / files???


The difference of 4 cubic inches is not going to make a significant difference!

The problem folks have from Howell is they use mechanical HEI - or whatever distributor is already there - it's not able to be controlled by the ECM. The result is often ping and detonation. Do a search on this board, see for yourself.
Use the EST type module - the 7 pin HEI distributor.
Howell doesn't even provide the wiring for it.

Make sure you use the KNOCK SENSOR with it - mount it similar to the stock one -- that's VERY important.

Howell and the others make a big deal of "recurving" the fuel curve -- "smoke" to get you to buy their stuff - it's been proven time and time again the stock original chip works the best.

Howell has no idea about engines -- they tell you to plug up big holes in the TBI/manifold's adapter with silicone!!! Even a high school kid knows that only holds for a few minutes.

They may know how to shorten or lenghten a wiring harness, but they should stick to that.
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