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Re: Another 258 GM TBI post -- chip burning / files???

Good questions.

A) Emissions aren't a problem - I get my GM HEI and weber carb to pass the Massachusetts Dyno test, and I imagine the FI would run cleaner than that, so it's not for that.

B) I'm just trying to improve my power some, improve my operating-at-angles, not pay $1000 for a Howell, or more for a MOPAR FI upgrade. It still seems for less than probably $300-400 and not a whole lot of time (if you could get the proper chip) you could build the whole system.

C) The part I'm trying to AVOID is the programming. I'm sure it's fun if you're into that sort of thing, but...

D) I've considered a 4.0 swap too. But my 258 is a relatively new rebuild, and my tranny is only a few years old. I don't think I need a V8, and not really interested in pursuing that. I suppose I could pull the whole motor & tranny, sell it, buy a 4.0/tranny and install that, but frankly that seems like a lot more work than bolting on the GM TBI.

Really I'd like to find a good source for a 258 Chip for the GM TBI that's not big $$$$.

Hope that seemed like an honest response. [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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