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Re: Another 258 GM TBI post -- chip burning / files???

I have a question that requires an honest response......
Are you doing this because you want to have the fun of doing the chip programming (something that I can understand), or, are you looking to reallin improve the performance of your jeep.

First, allow me to point out that while it sounds like a fun project, it is going to take a lot of time and probably more money than you expect. Second, do your state emissions laws allow this?

You might be better off with a total engine maybe the small block chevy with TBI. Not only do you get about 2-3 times the HP, but you still have a chip that you can reprogram if you want....and believe me, there is a ton of info on doing this to the SBC. For what it is worth, I picked up a SBC with the auto (4L60E) tranny including wiring harness and computer for $500. I know ther are a lot of v6's an v8's that will mate to your existing tranny with little effort. If I were not swaping trannys, my task would be a lot easier and cheaper. Even so, I'm amazed at how easy the swap is....electricly.

I'm not trying to change your mind......just wanted to point out an option....

And to answer your original a search on fuel injection and you will find a ton of info on the subject.
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