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Re: i need some advice on my f-150

Don't use a holley! Go with a 500cfm or 600 at the most edelbrock.. Much better offroad and alot easier on gas no power valves to blow and you won't have to mess with it every weekend.. The edelbrock performer intake works awesome with these things also the matched cam and a new double roller timming set will really wake up the 302.. Might also consider a quadrajet if this is going to be offroaded very much. You can get a reman from autozone for around $120/130 ask for a q-jet for an 1970 chevy pickup with a 350 and you should get a nice performing pre-smog manual choke carb. But if you do this you will eaither need the dual bolt patern edelbrock intake(the ones for SBC's are almost all setup this way not sure on SB Fords) OR a 4 hole (NOT THE OPEN TYPE THEY NEVER WORK RIGHT!) square to spreadbore adapter plate. Edelbrock makes one for around $30 i believe that MR Gasket also makes one like this.. If you keep your foor out of it running eaither an edelbrock or a q-jet you should gain 2/3mpg or more do to the fact that the primaries on these carbs are much smaller than what your 2bbl is.. Another cheep alternative is a 2/4 adapter which i ran solely for gas mileage increase on my old f-100 so i could ditch the 2bbl for a 600 edelbrock i had laying around. I picked up 4mpg and alot better top end (not as good as I would have with a 4bbl intake but it was still pretty suprising considering).. The only drawback i found was i always had a slight dead spot right off idle do to the fact that the adapter was open and i was going into a dual plane intake.. ACtually saw a 2/4 adapter a guy had made out of billet because he couldn't find a 4bbl intake for his application I think it was a 392(382??? not real sure) IH scout. Worked really good.. Anyway no idea why i am blabbing about this guess i have nothing better to do. Good luck with your project and PLEASE stay clear of the holley 4bbls or we will be having to tell you how to change power valves and re-jet and many other common holley pains in the as*.
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