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We must really love your stories

The last couple of months have really been filled with Jeep problems, but this one was the strangest.

In early December a rod went through my block of my Stroker. I had a shop do the rebuild and it was smoking blue smoke so I was taking back for them to trouble shoot it. I was trying to make sure the rings were seated and after starting from a stop a U-joint broke. I got out and could only find the back half of the rear driveshaft still connected at the axle. A sleepy couple came out of their house in their pajamas and wondered what hit their house. Uh Oh. We looked all over for the shaft or where it might have hit their house. We still couldn't find it. I returned a few other times to look for the missing half. I finally found it in a yard on the next block over. I can only guess that the U-joint broke and the shaft flung very fast and hit their roof shooting it into the other yard.

Then, a week ago at Johnson Valley I broke two Warn lockouts on my full float rear. The shock took out the Detroit locker as well. Then, trying to get out being towed in front wheel drive only, I broke a front axle shaft off at the carrier.

This has been a rough couple of months.
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