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O/T router power source

I know nothing really about the finite details of AC vs. DC... but a friend brought over his wireless linksys router to have me take a look and see if I could get it to work.

He forogt the power cable at home, so instead of making him drive home I grabbed the power source from a 5port ethernet hub I had sitting around (linksys) and fired her up.

The thing worked for like 20 seconds, even got a wirelss connection on it, before it turned off.

Now, I totaly forgot to check the power inputs and assumed they were the same, because well.. linksys router meet linksys router... well I was wrong.

The wireless has an input of 12V AC, and the source I used had an output of 9v DC.

The power source is cooked now, it seems. I'm not sure about the router, because my friend just ran home to get the propper cable..

But the source won't work on its original router.

Is this thing cooked? or do they have internal breakers? I'm kinda cheezed off about this.. who would have guessed that Linksys would change the current on their routers from one model to the next?

I should have known better.. they did change the supply style back when I used to have my original linksys router..

This makes 3 differnt sources in less then 3 years for them.

So, internal breaker and I should let it cool down? or send it back to linksys maybe? or chuck this thing out? or see if I can dig up a new power source for it.

I don't need it right now, I've got routers coming out of the ying-yang. But I'd like to be able to give it to one of my brothers when they move out of my parents house or whatever and don't get to use one of the 2 routers that I bought my parents. (see told ya I've bought lots of these things. Ive got:

1-5port ethernet here
2-wiresless here
1-5 port ehternet at my parents
1-wireless at my parents
1-wireless at my sisters
1-5port at my sisters)

Entirely too mcuh.. but oh well.. they were all boguht for differnt reasons at different times.

So.. whats up with these boxy black things that stick on the outlets.. can they be salvaged? fuses? automatic breakers?
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