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Why to carry a fire ext in your rig!!!!!!

This is the first winter in a few years i kept the jeep out of the shop, so i could play in the snow some. I went out to start her, to make sure she would start, she fires up and i let it sit and idle to get some heat inside cause its 20 degrees outside. I was covering the quad up so i wouldnt have to sit on 10 inches of snow, when it finally stops snowing sometime tonight. I looked over and there was fire on the ground under the jeep. I figured it was just a few leaves that blew up on the exhuast. I walked over to step on the leaves and relized the undercoat of the jeep is burning. I ran around to the drivers side, grabbed the extinguisher, shut the jeep off, and ran back around to put the fire out. Got it out and saw all kinds of smoke inside the jeep, opened the passenger door and saw the paint on the floor buring. Then wasted the rest of the extinguisher on the floor. If i had to run back to the house to get the extinguisher from the house, there probably would have been some serious damage. After i started looking at things i noticed the seat had started to turn black on the back of the seat. So that wasnt far from flames there.

What happened was the muffler had turned red hot. Not sure why yet but solid red hot. I'm going to blame it on the vacume advance not working, right now. I dont think the exhaust was plugged with a nest or anything else. Seemed to sound the same when it started and didnt act funny or anything else. The cat didnt get red hot, just the muffler.

So i almost could have lost my CJ today. That would have really pissed me off. So now i wont be playing in the snow, put at least i can tow the cj to my shop next week and figure out what the hell went wrong.

I'll will also be adding a second extinguisher to the passenger side. Always wanted to do it, just never did.

Just had to vent alittle.

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