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Re: dana 44 question

i have the drag link and tie rod, just not sure how it is gonna all work

[/ QUOTE ]

I think what you are questioning is the FS Waggy TREs are bigger than the CJ stuff.
Assuming you have Pwr Stg already and you have the 74-78 (or so) Steering linkage, you have a couple options.
Actually several, but this is what I have done.
Either get a pitman arm for a FS Waggy, which will fit your box and the Waggy drag link or get a drop pitmanarm for a CJ and ream it to fit the Waggy TRE.
NOTE: The FS Waggy drop arm is about an inch longer than the CJ drop arm. This will effect your turning radius and might let the draglink hit the tierod. Some of this is going to depend on if you are SOA, SUA, how much caster you have (related to the spring perches), etc. You will have to measure and or experiment to get the right choice for your particular set-up.

I have also seen & made draglinks that were CJ on the top and Waggy on the bottom, but I am not crazy about this route.
Got one on the floor at the shop now that I took out of a customer's Jeep. Scarey looking thing, it is.

Duzzat answer your question?
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