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Re: The Timing is Now!!! Kinda OT.

Make sure you insulate under the slab well or you'll be wasting a lot of heat warming up the ground under your garage. You may also want to consider a supplement heat source in addition to the radiant floor heat. I don't know much about SW Montana, but I imagine it gets pretty cold there in the winter. Just a couple of minutes with the garage door open and your floor heat will take some time getting the temp back to a comfortable level. You could run a separate fan coil off your boiler too that would heat things back up quickly or a stand alone gas/propane unit.

As for the drain idea, check with your local codes. I know around here you can't have a drain in a garage without an expensive oil separator to keep all that potential nasty stuff from getting into the environment. Even if your town allows a garage drain, you might want to at least have a basic grease trap in line to keep oil and grease from your septic. I don't think the quantities a typical home garage would produce could damage your septic, but it could contaminate your drinking water.

Sounds like a sweet garage, I wish I had the room and funds right now to build one like that.
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