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Re: Old-style MC2100 automatic choke question

converting to AT was in deference to my wife...

[/ QUOTE ]

I can understand that one completely. Much to the dismay of both my children... Grumpy (my Scrambler) is an automatic. While it may be a seldom and rare occasion... the wife will drive it making it priceless in certain conditions.

[img]images/graemlins/applause.gif[/img] Always good to know that another Scrambler is becoming road worthy. [img]images/graemlins/applause.gif[/img]

The 'new' engine also got an MC2100 upgrade.

[/ QUOTE ]

Guess that I'm already on record as not a fan of the MC2100. But it is a simple carb that is likely better suited for a 258 than all those 304s that they came on. So rock on [img]images/graemlins/gituar.gif[/img]

Or, am I just better off swapping on an electric choke? Can I adapt one from a BBD

[/ QUOTE ]

That sounds like the trick to me.

I have a collection of junk carbs, just a few, and will give that idea a review. Surely there is a way, if I hit on something will post it up.

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