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Re: 1.6 in JUNKYARD Sammy!

most people that have adapted their 1.3 tranny to mate to a 1.6 have welded new tabs on the tranny. While this will work if doen correctly I think is not the best option. With how cheap the adapters are getting now adays it is almost not worth the hours you are going to put into modifing your tranny. With an adapter you could most likely have the engine bolted up to the tranny in your car and running by the time your done modifing. Don't get me wrong I'm too a very much DIY'er but I chose to get the adapter cause I didn't want to mess with it.
Another thing to consider is if you modify your tranny and you need to replace it down the road the new one will need to be modified aswell. I'm sure what ever route you choose to go will be fine though. And if you do modify the tranny or make your own adapter post pics.
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