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Re: Who has or has done a rotary sammy swap

I have an 85 12A engine in my Zuk. I used the 4 speed automatic transmission out of the same RX7 when I did the swap. The 12A and 13B use the same length transmission and the automatic and standard are the same length.

When I did the swap I left the transfer case in it’s original location and fabricated the rear transmission mount and front engine mount. For the front mount I cut out the front support bar on the Zuk and used the front crossmember from the RX7 using the front mount holes on the engine and mounted it to the cross member. On the rear I used 4” channel and bolted it too the frame.

For cooling I used a “NEW” radiator for a 1600 tracker with A/C and Automatic. I also installed a 16” high volume fan that I had to install as a pusher because of limited space between the engine and radiator. I am not very satisfied with this setup however. I have driven it in the mountains in North Carolina with no problems, however when I drive it in deep sand for an extended period, say thirty minutes or more, it will start heating up. I never let it get over 210 without stopping and letting the fan cool it down. I do have the transmission and the engine oil cooler using the cooling system. If these were taken out of the system and had their own cooler, I feel that it would take a significant load off the cooling system.

The drive shaft between the transmission and the transfer case ends up being the slip yoke from the Mazda coupled to replaceable U-joints from an older model RX7 coupled to the Zuk flange. This coupling is not the most desirable method, however it keeps you from having to relocate the transfer case and making up all three driveshafts.

My Zuk has a one-inch body lift to clear the transmission, 6-1 transfer case, SPOA, with 6 leafs in each spring. It has over the top steering with a dropped pitman arm, to clear the oil pan, and Mercedes steering arms. It has a spool in the rear, a locker in the front, and rides on Swamper Boogers, 33x14.00x15 on 10” aluminum wheels. The bumpers front and rear are Shrockworks and the entire inside tub is fiberglass.
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