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Re: Roof racks - love \'em or hate \'em?

'Rount heya they tend to get mangleded a lot...

Trails like we see at Crackers Neck will tear up a roof rack...and if you go cheap and mount it directly to the fiberglass top you'll bugger the top up too...Look at Jarret's on his XJ some time...

I know someone who is selling an M-416 trailer...would look cool behind the Beast...oh yea, you already have a trailer...what do you need a roof rack for???

[/ QUOTE ]

Yep - got a trailer - which you haven't seen since the SOA.
And it DOES look cool behind the Beast

M416 Trailer

Yeah - I know "YMMV"

Roof rack is for (maybe) my Mall Crawler CJ which only gets light trail duty anyway, but is the one that might go on longer road trips.

Quick mounts would go a long way toward making this thing usable too.
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