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Well SH$T

Finally get to drive the "new" zuk today. I was following the manuals instructions to seat the rings when it made a loud clanging sound and died. It never lost oil pressure and was running like a champ the second before this happened. I pushed it home and went to checking things out. It didnt seem like a rod so i checked the valves. They were about a thousandths off but i re adjusted them anyways. Then as i was spinning the engine with a ratchet it stopped spinning. I pulled the plugs and 1 2 and 3's gaps were smashed shut. 1 and 2 were carbon fouled but 3 had been firing. Number 4 plug was fine. I spun it back the other way (counter clockwise) and all pistons are going up and down.

I know ive got to take this damn thing apart AGAIN but does anybody have any idea what might have gone wrong. Im thinking (hoping) a broke ring.

The machine shop screwed me over so it might be something there but im not sure.

Looks like sumthin else jus got in the way of lifting the black zuk.
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