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2001 scrambler 90cc problem?

i bought my son a used scrammy for xmass. bought off friend who's son never liked. i was having a problem with it running. it will die itself out. so i replaced the plug , fuel filter and took carb off and cleaned good inside and out. drained gas and the machine will start now but will back fire after accelrating at a good take off. after you take off hard and then relaese the throttle it seems like it gets quiet like its going to die then it back fires.the machine doesnt die though. When the machine is sitting at idle it sounds like a spit every now and then threw exuast.also it doesnt sound like a ping ping more like a pop pop exuast sound. also i checked compression at its at 85-90. the machine will start up good . after i get it running for a minute or so i will un hook the elect. choke . i thought it was flooding out carb. machine has loods of pep at take off and when you gun it thats when it back fires when you let down throttle. I mean a load pop. What should i do. If you try to idle it down with the idle screw it does nothing also. Please help......Thanks, Mark
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