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Re: Still have engine running problems

I wasn't thinking vacuum leak when I suggested the propane trick. A vacuum leak won't cause your symptoms.

Read down farther down on that post to see you how to check running condition - checking to see whether or not it's rich or lean at speed.

Run the propane line into the air intake, bottle and valve in the cab in your hand.
Drive it -- make it stumble or run bad.
Open the propane valve slowly.

If it runs BETTER you were too lean to begin with.
If it gets WORSE it's rich.

All the propane does is add more fuel to what you have already.

Great way to determine fuel vs ignition troubles.

And, it's great way to determine carb jetting and power valve needs. Once you get a feel for it, you can get rid of your $50,000 dyno, and exhaust analyzer.

Possibly the handiest diagnostic tool you can own.
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