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Re: So much for that.....

I've considered that many times but everyone wants WAY to much for a nice bronco around here. THe only reasonably priced ones i've found are ragged out junk. For instance i found a 91 eddie bauer bronco with 75k on it over the weekend. interior was spotless body had a little rust over the wheelwells otherwise perfect body... anyway guess what the price was?? I figured about 4000/4500 WRONG $7900!!!! Its rediculous! I looked at one for $5900 that was a ragged xl and a total piece of crap. To get one new enough to get any financing on you have to go to 94/96 and i've seen 96's run over 10k!! Its sad. Trucks are much cheaper around here from what i've seen on the market. I've been looking at bronco's for a couple years now and they just keep getting more expensive.
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