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Re: Suspension Woes

I've never had much luck on the Ford board either, but the folks here are good people. I'm sure you stole somebody's thunder up front by mentioning replacing your Bronco with a Jeep. I'm a Jeep guy with a Ford DD and I can tell you you'd have the same problems with a Jeep if you did switch.

Rear alignment is important for tire wear as well as handling. Have you ever been behind a vehicle that looks like it's crab walking down the street? That's from the rear end being out of alignment. While it's possible to dial it in pretty close by measuring, you have to be sure what you're measuring your axle to is a viable central point. My suggestion would be to take it to a reputable alignment shop and have them do it on their machine. There's enough play involved when you bolt up suspension that just eyeballing it doesn't usually work and a rear alignment is usually cheap.

Like the other guys said, a major shift in alignment is probably from a sheared pin or frame damage, but there might be enough adjustment on yours that it just shifted on you. Once you get it straight, take some reference measurements in case it happens again.
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