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Transmission Failure w/ XJ 4.0L Auto

Hey all, I'm posting w/ this account but what I have is a
98 XJ Classic 4.0L Auto, but was told to post here cause the specs are about the same.

This is what happened, I'm looking for advice asto what might be the cause.

Was pushing 75mph mid highway (about 2 hours driving) and transmission failed. Engine would rev, (and when I got off road would stop/start normally), but the car was effectively in neutral. After pulling over, the transmission did nothing for any gear D/R/12/3 etc. When moving into and out of Park, there would be a light grinding noise. However, I later discovered that it would drive w/o incident in 4L (and the problem persists in 2H and 4H).

Its got 115K on it, 20K since April (when I bought it).

Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advanced,

-Stranded at the girlfriend's house
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