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Lifted Sam, Front Shaft, High Speeds, no vibs ???

I am sure I have brought this up before, but since there are so many new people on the board, I am bringing it up.

How many of you that have a lifted samurai 6inches of lift and can run their samurai 45-50 mph in 4wd with no vibs?

reason being, I still have the stock front shaft and get quite the vibs if I go over 15mph in 4wd.

This last snow storm is a perfect example when I want to have the ability to use 4wd at higher than 15, 25, maybe up to 40 mph.

What shaft did you end up with that resolved this?

Did you just used a regular shaft with the High Angle u-joints?

or did you put a dual cardigan cv shaft in? if you did this, did you have to cut your knuckles and turn the axel? (which by the way I don't want to do)

if you did something else to be able to drive your lifted samurai in 4wd at 45+mph, what did you do?

I was toying with using a booted CV (birfield) type creation shaft for the front. someone did that or was talking about it, but had some issues with the boot, was going to fix it and sell them, what ever happened to that?

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