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Re: Remove cluster to change a bulb?

Sixlitre... thanks! But what do you mean by "dash trim"? All I can see is cluster and dash?

BTW, I LOVE your web page. It totally ROX! Did you see any increase in mileage with the shorties? I've heard good things about them on stock 351Ms... Also, your tires look very wide, which is cool. What size are they? And did you make that tent? Great Bronco!



The fake wood on top of the gauge cluster is what I meant by the dash trim.

Thanks on the webpage. No the shorties only added acceleration no mileage increase, that all came with the changes in front of the muffler; better Y-pipe, larger, higher flow cat and the MSD coil and wider plug gaps.

Only really added the shorties because it was cheaper than breaking an 86 R/H side manifold trying to extract the O2 sensor.

At the time of that photo the Exploder recall was eating up all 15" tires on the planet. I was offered 5 Dunlop GT sport radials 275/60/15s (11" wide) in warranty exchange for some cupped 31" muddders whose sidewalls had cracked during extreme low temps in the Arctic.

I took em' and they turned the Bronco into quite the handling machine, with urethane bushings etc. I could roll into and out of on ramp clover leafs at much increased speeds. Dunlops were always sticky tires but with that comes fast tire wear (nothing's free). Also they were useless in rain or snow.

When it came time to replace em' I went back to stock sized 235/75/15s and have been pretty happy ever since.

That tent is available from DAC inc for $99. Here's the link;



Thought you'd like some illustrations for your instructions.

My experiance with 351 and 400 Ms leads me to believe that just about ANY mods will help mileage with those gas sucking pigs, especially the 4 degree advanced timing chain set from earlier year engines.
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