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Re: What stall converter should I use??

To know what you need we need more info such as gear ratio, tire size, cam size etc.. I would run a c/6 before an AOD any day but thats just me...... You really aren't going to want much of a stall speed if you are going to run a twin-turbo setup because turbo's spool when you have a load on the engine.. if it revs up to 2/3k before it takes off how are you going to have a load to produce boost??? Also if this is a 4x4 a higher than 2k stall speed can be a royal pita to control offroad and has bad street manners. If you are doing all this it sounds like gas mileage isn't really that much of an isue so go get a C6 they are cheaper than an AOD you can get a lot more stuff for them and the aftermarket parts are alot cheaper. A properly built c6 will withstand 500+ ft lb of tourque no problem. Also remeber when you run a higher stall speed you generate ALOT higher fluid temp's so make sure you run a good external cooler NOT the one in your radiator. In my opinion those things are crap for a tranny. Do what norm did and use your factory tranny cooler for a power stearing cooler thats about all they are good for. Many an automatic have been burned up do to faulty factory coolers.... One more thing if you were running an engine other than a 302 you wouldn't need twin turbo's [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] why not a 5.0 H.O. swap??? anybody ever tried that?
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