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Re: Tracker tranny progress pics

Looks Good !!
I'v run a tracker tranny for years.
I'm curious on the transmission mounting point. On mine I was able to get both bolt holes from the tranny mount over the sammi's trans cross was able to use both bolts on the trans mount. Was yours cut short?

Did you widen the trans tunnel at all?
At first I did very little widening. I found that the "Frankenstein" bolts just below the shifter opening would hit the sides of the trans tunnel while driving and THUMP it real good if I got on the gas. It was just too annoying.

So, I did the cut-n-widen the trans tunnel about 3" on the drivers side and also did the "flip the body mounts" for a quick 3/4" body lift. This seemed to work and the only annoying noise left when driving was the 16v exhaust manifold lightly hitting the frame.

The hot ticket came when I decided to paint my zuke and took the body off the frame. Because of the manifold hitting the frame, I went with Petroworks engine mounts which lower the engine 3/4". I figured I'd better lower the trans as well (the PW kit comes with a sammi tranny lowering mount....must be there for a reason).

To lower the tracker tranny, I knotched the sammi's tranny crossmember where the tracker transmission mount falls on it. Then some 4 inch "C" channel was welded into the knotch. This effectively lowered the trans about 1 1/4" ( I felt the trans was already a little tail high on the sammi crossmember). Now there is all kinds of room under there. Hmmm I'm sure and auto would fit easily now.
I didn't mean for this to sound like a book about my zuke. Its a review of lessons learned.

Oh yea! the speedo outlet is a sealed unit. You can leave it alone. Mine's been packet with mud for years. [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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