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Re: Need some help guys.

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It is leaking at the shaft that comes out of the carb that has the idle ajust on it.

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I was told by someone who knows about carbs (I dont claim to be one of those poeple, but thanks for thinking that) that this bad seal around the shafts thing affects ponys. since they are relatively cheap/simple carbs, nto meant to be rebuilt, there is no good way to restore a seal around the shaft.

I would listen to what these other guys are saying though...a little vac leak like that shouldnt mess things up as bad as you describe, I dont think.

I recall one thing from my pony carb experiences. they will look as clean as a whistle but one little piece of dirt stuck in the wrong place will foul everything up. If you ahvent taken it apart and cleaned it to within an inch of its life, then do it!

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