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First off, I am Canadian. The US elections are of little interest to me. All of the rant below is IMHO! I do not intend to PO anybody. If I do, I'm already very sorry.

My mother often said "there are two things you don't discuss in public, religion and politics". She is right about both. I don't agree with anyone using the board as an electoral propaganda machine. That being said, and the door already being opened, I do have certain opinions about how I would choose (if I were an American) the next leader of my country.

It is of little concern to me how the multi-national company that a candidate's wife is heir to, develop a business network across the globe. It is incorrect for me to assume that because they have holdings in many countries that this would somehow affect jobs in my country. Many truly American companies have holdings worldwide, GM, Ford, HP, IBM, Coca Cola and Pepsi to name a few. There are many others. At the same time, you don't seem to see that a candidate very tightly connected to the oil industry, who created war under what we know now as incorrect intelligence (read: false pretences) is trying to create a less hostile and more open trade route to more oil. Odd how quickly he helps (attacks) countries fight terrorism that have oil. "That just a coincidence"....Ya sure it is.

Canadians tend to be a lot less "Visual" patriots. We are not much of a flag-waving, color-carring, chest-thumping country. We do, however, have pride. We do realize that we are part of the world around us. We have success in global markets and we support other country’s global markets. We buy and sell Canadian products as well as products from other countries. It is important for us to be respected by the rest of the planet. To get respect you must give respect. As a Canadian I don't see the US as a very respectful or very well respected country. This is not to say that Canada doesn't respect the US, but that other countries don't. In the eyes of an outsider, you are seen by many as bullies and self-centred. A hundred years ago you could get away with the very close-minded "to hell with the rest of the world" attitude. Today, in a global market, in a world striving for peace and unity, you can't get away with that. Well, actually, you can, but it doesn't make anybody look up to you. Someone on this BBS has "respect can only be earned" as a signature, that is the truth.

As an outsider, I see John Kerry as a chance for the US to change the face that people around the world have grown to dislike, and a chance for the US to regain lost respect. "We don't care if they like us", well, that's not totally true. The US has concerns that it's global position is not good. They just don't tell you that on the news.

Do not take this as an endorsement for John Kerry, If I were voting, I would choose change. Given the fact that the US is almost a two-party system, I would be left with only one choice. I do believe, however, he is a very good choice.

"Choose wisely young grasshopper"

"I wish bloody Canadians would mind there own business!"
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