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Need some help guys.

I own a 87 sammi and since i had bought it i was haveing choke problems.

So i bought a pony carb and dremmeled out the dome and spacer to about the same size as the pony.I also installed a tube with a cone K-N filter.

It was running good exept when the secondaries came on it would stumble after 4000 rpm.

Found out i had a leak around the base of the carb by spraying carb cleaner around it.

Then one day it stopped idleing so i took the carb apart and cleaned it and ever jet i could find.(Thank god for that pony exploded diagram i found on here or i would have never found out where to put that little check ball).

Now i'm getting a high idle 1700 rpm,lot of stumbling (poom poom sound)and when i rev it up it seems to backfire through the air filter and i get black smoke and a lot off black soot out of the muffler.And after a test drive it would still bog out after 4000 rpm if the secondaries were on.Just for fun i took off my air filter(yes it's CLEAN) and it stopped bogging at 4000 rpm,but still ran like crap at idle.Also it seems very hard on gas lately.

I've tryed to ajust the screws on the carb but would not get much better.

Any ideas

Thanks Steven
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