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Re: Hydraulic clutch on an 85 Bronco

One piece master cyl and line sounds like the internal slave cyl. At least thats how mine is setup. On the internal you have no clutch fork at all. The line for the clutch runs right through the side of the bellhousing. As for how good they are They can't be that bad because I have 250k on my orginal clutch master cyl. I do however have a new slave because I went to bleed it and it broke in half when I turned the bleeder (stupid pot metal) So I replaced the clutch when I was in there (also was original) this was at about 200k. If I recall the master cyl-line deal is alot cheaper than the slave cyl actualy is. Autoparts stores run about $90 on the slave. But as I mentioned before a clutch shop is ALOT cheaper. Ohh and when you go to take it apart you are supposed to have a so called 'special tool' to take the line off the slave cyl. 2 screwdrivers and a steady hand works fine. Just apply pressure to both sides of the white collar and pull on the line it pops right out. I actualy have a big flat blade screwdrive that had a big chunk out of it so I took the grinder to it and made my own 'special tool' because I helped another guy with his and thought hey why not.
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