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Re: Your opinions on transfer case to use

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If there is a 700R4 that swaps to a D300 without an adapter, that would probably be your best bet for making it fit.

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You know... I'm the one that suggested that there might be a 700R4 that would bolt directly to a D300. But the more I think about that... the more I think I'm wrong. The Atlas has a couple of different input shaft options and the mounting is also just alittle different but will fit anything that came with a D300 (and more - that's where I could have been fooled).

I haven't done a bit of research to back up this thought. I'm sure that if you contact Advanced Adapter or Novak they will be more than willing to set this straight. And likely there are others out there with some of the same products, these two seem to have a pretty good rep.

You should be able to come up with an overall lenght as soon as you figure out the parts that will be fitting together.

Still have some budget??

Get the shaft(s) from Jess!

High Angle Driveline

Keep in mind that he likes to call a Cardin Coupling a CV Joint. But based on what I have seen of his work he can call it Green Cheese and it just don't matter. Very nice driveshafts that just don't break. Not on my junk mind you... other people have bucks to play with.

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