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Re: starter question

1. A starter is a starter, is a starter... UNLESS...
2. You go fancy dancy like a MeanGreen or,
3. A JCWhitney/MeanGreen/Rebuild.
4. Those are lower geared...
5. As a starter wears: <ul type="square">[*]Brushes,[*]Bearings[*]Bendix[*]Worm Gear Teeth[/list]6. The starter starts to pull more amperage,
7. To do the same job as when it was new.
8. A test should involve testing: <ul type="square">[*]Amperage Draw to spin under load[*]How fast/slow the Bendix works[*]Wear on the starter teeth.[/list]8. As the starter wears over time,
9. The starter spins slower...
10. And it' often not noticed,
11. Until you install a new one.
12. Remember that: <ul type="square">[*]A bad battery[*]A bad starter ground[*]A bad battery cable[*]A bad starter cable[*]A bad starter solenoid[/list]13. Can cause the same symptom
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