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Re: How can I prevent trailer sway?

As posted here, weight forward, 15% to be exact, is ideal. anything else starts to compromise something. If you do have it loaded correctly, check your trailer to make sure it is square. i.e. pulling straight. Easiest method is measure center of ball to spring hangar on each side. If they differ by more just a smidgen, problem may be in the trailer. I once looked at a home built trailer to tow my jeep. While towing it empty, it was swaying all over the place starting about 50 mph. I ran a tape on it, and measured about 2" out of square. I would bet that is why the guy was trying to unload it.

As far as a flat towed jeep swaying, make sure your steering is in good condition, and it tracks good while driving it. swaying from a flat towed vehicle usually indicates suspension/steering issues. You should be aware of them when you drive the jeep.
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