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Re: Axle seal leaking, what am I doing wrong?

I don't see where you coated the new seal with oil before installing the axle on your list.

An extension is a poor installation tool. Find a large socket that will just fit in the axle tube end. This helps get the seal installed squarely without distorting the seal.

Avoid scraping the axle across the seal when you reinstall it. If you do you'll ruin the seal.

Is the sealing surface on the axle clean and smooth?

Are you sure you have the right seal? Slip it on the axle, see how it fits.

I don't think much of the hammer and screwdriver removal method. If you have gouged the axle tube, you may be leaking around the seal rather than through it.

You shouldn't need RTV at the shims and backing plate. The oil should not get past the seal. You might put a light coat of RTV on the outside edge of the seal if you see scratches/gouges in the tube where the seal fits.

Try a different brand of seal. Try not quite seating it those last few thousandths.
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