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Axle seal leaking, what am I doing wrong?

Well after thinking I had the problem fixed for the second time its still leaking. So here's what I've done and someone please correct me if I'm screwin somethin up or missing a step.

1. I unhooked the brake lines from the backing plate
2. Unbolted backing plate from axle tube and pulled whole axle shaft out
3. Used a hammer and screwdriver to destroy old inner oil seal so I could get it
4. Pressed in new oil seal using a hammer and socket extension so it was in as far as it goes
5. Slid axle shaft back into housing with shims between the backing plate and the mounting surface for it
6. Bolted it all back up and filled up the housing with gear oil

It appears to be leaking out where the axle tube meets up with the shims and backing plate. The problem though is that it gets onto the brake drum and last I checked gear oil and brakes don't mix well. I was thinking of putting some high temp RTV between all of the shims and where the backing plate bolts up to stop the leaking. Is this a bad idea? Is there something I'm not doing right? Why is the oil getting past the inner oil seal? Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm moving into school tomorrow and am having to leave my Jeep behind since its not safely operating [img]images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]. Gimme advice guys.
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